UK Patient receives world's first OrthoPureTM XM (dCELL® Meniscus) implant

Tissue Regenix Ltd, the regenerative medical device company, is pleased to announce that for the first time a patient has successfully received a partial knee meniscal replacement using Tissue Regenix's OrthoPure XM. This has been done at Mount Vernon Hospital, Middlesex, as part of a clinical safety study by Tissue Regenix which is being conducted to secure a CE mark to enable launch of the product in the EU in 2016.

Mr David Houlihan-Burne performed the 'keyhole' surgical procedure that allows the surgeon to replace damaged sections of the knee meniscus with Tissue Regenix's decellularised tissue, which preserves the biomechanical properties of the tissue in a 'like for like' repair.

Tissue Regenix's OrthoPure XM will be used to repair damage from 'tears' in the meniscus knee cartilage as a result of acute injury or degeneration. Meniscal injuries affect around 1.5 million people per year in Europe and USA, and OrthoPure XM potentially addresses this substantial unmet clinical need. 

It is early days with this trial but I am pleased the Ortho team have achieved this important milestone in our progress towards launch. We are fortunate to be working with surgeons who recognise the importance of innovative biologic solutions to this very common type of injury. 
Peter Hamer, Commercial Director of Orthopaedics at Tissue Regenix