Tissue Regenix Appoints Kevin Barton to Lead Marketing and Branding for US Subsidiary Tissue Regenix Wound Care Inc

Tissue Regenix (‘TRX’), the regenerative medical devices company, has appointed Kevin Barton as Vice President of Marketing to lead brand development, marketing and pricing strategy as a core part of the commercialisation process for its dCELL® medical device technology in the USA.

Tissue Regenix established its USA subsidiary Tissue Regenix Wound Care Inc in November 2012 and has made rapid progress, establishing (in June) a major partnership with Community Tissue Services (CTS), which will see the company’s dCELL® technology used to develop decellularised dermis treatments for use in wound care. Chronic wounds currently affect 6.5 million USA patients at a cost of care greater than $25bn, opening up a significant growth area for the company’s dCELL® medical devices and treatments.

Kevin has significant experience as a senior marketing manager in wound care and cardiovascular treatments.  Kevin was a Senior Product Manager at Kinetic Concepts Inc (‘KCI’), a global medical technology company, where he developed and commercialised speciality wound dressings in the acute, extended and home care environment. Kevin has also held management positions with Novartis, Sulzer Carbomedics Inc and Dell Computer Corp. 

Kevin will report into Tissue Regenix Wound Care Inc President Greg Bila and will work closely with the senior team to commercialise dCELL® products, including Donald M Hohne, who joined the company in April as Vice President of Sales.

Kevin’s appointment strengthens our already impressive management team and he will focus on developing the pricing, marketing and brand development strategies that are essential as we move towards the final phase in commercialising our dCELL® products for the USA market.
Kevin is the latest in a line of senior management appointments made by Tissue Regenix since we established the USA operations in November 2012 and he will work with the team and help our partners and clinicians to identify the most appropriate products for different treatments.
Greg Bila, President Tissue Regenix USA Inc
We are at a critical point in the commercialisation of the dCELL® treatments and the USA business has made significant progress since its foundation last year. Kevin’s appointment is a crucial next step in building Tissue Regenix Wound Care Inc.
Tissue Regenix has made significant progress in clinical trials and testing for dCELL® treatments globally. The partnership with CTS allows us to develop dermis treatments for use in wound care for patients in the USA, mirroring an agreement we have in the UK with the NHSBT to use dCELL® for dermis treatments. We are also working with Yale University to develop vascular patch treatments for use in heart surgery, and have already gained CE Marking for vascular patches in Europe.
Antony Odell, Managing Director of Tissue Regenix Group plc

About Tissue Regenix

Tissue Regenix is a leading medical devices company in the field of regenerative medicine. The company’s patented decellularisation (‘dCELL®) technology removes DNA and other cellular material from animal and human tissue leaving an acellular tissue scaffold which is not rejected by the patient’s body which can then be used to repair diseased or worn out body parts. The potential applications of this process are diverse and address many critical clinical needs such as vascular disease, heart valve replacement and knee repair.

Tissue Regenix was formed in 2006 when it was spun-out from the University of Leeds. The company commercialises academic research conducted by our partners around the World.

In November 2012 Tissue Regenix Group plc set up a subsidiary company in the United States- ‘Tissue Regenix Wound Care Inc.’, as part of its commercialisation strategy for its dCELL® technology platform.